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Community Map

This 3D model combines the recent surveyed topography

map and the preliminary placement of most the buildings. 

The "emergency vehicles only" entrance is shown near Chestnut.


This Autodesk software can display views from all axis points, which 

we will share with you during the full project application.   

2023-06-27 (2).png
2021-02-24 Chestnut 24x36 Exhibits (1) S

Life at Chestnut Carlsbad

Community Identity and Overall Market Appeal

We compared the architectural styles of new projects

throughout San Diego County.

We all want a project with strong market appeal and

would like to know your thoughts.

2020_05_30_05_52_03_exterior Harlow_edit
1900x800px_1 (1)_edited.jpg
KensingtonatTheSquare_Brochure (2)_edite
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