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Meet the Chestnut Carlsbad Team

40 Years of Development  Experience

“Smaller home options are the best solution for lower home prices. Our architectural firm is committed to creating homes that are not only affordable but also of the highest quality.”  - Steve Mayman, AIA ERGO

Steve Mayman, AIA  ERGO Architecture

I have known the developer for over 30 years and helped create this plan which represents the "Highest and best" use of the land.  I have worked with the City planning staff for a similar time and they have encouraged this development plan as well.

Bruce Tait, P.E. Civil Engineer

Locals Carlsbad Family for

over 25 years

“The cost of housing in Carlsbad is among the highest in the nation. Medium home prices in the overall City area approximate $800,000. Interest rates for mortgages have been increasing, making the cost of housing go even higher."

“Townhouses can provide upscale value at moderate home prices, making them ideal for first-time buyers, families, our teachers, and first responders."


"Our vision is to provide comfortable and affordable homes in Carlsbad.” 

John "Curt" Fornal

Principal of Chestnut-Carlsbad

New CA State
Law SB-9 


"We all should be aware that under State Law SB 9 four units might be buildable on larger SFR lots. In 2005, before the ECR widening project we submitted and withdrew an application to create ten such SFR lots allowed by the current zone R-1 for 10,000 SF lots."


"We believe the proposed multifamily development is a much better alternative than having homeowners build up to 36 living units under ministerial approval, with little to no public input."

Floyd "Dusty" Bernard 

President - Midway Drive Development

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