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Early Floorplans and Elevations

We designed a varied group of housing types based on

the topography while preserving most of the natural hillside.


22 - Three bedroom Townhouses (1,440 sf to 1,620 sf) with two-car garages

 4 - One to Two bedroom Townhouses (765 sf to 1,227 sf) with garages

 2 - Lofts (676 sf) with parking spaces per code

 4 - Flats, shown as Quads - (843 sf) roll-in accessible, two-bedroom

with parking per code


 4  - Flats - two-bedroom (892 sf), parking per code, including 

overall project guest parking

Contemporary Exteriors are subject to future market response.

Courtyard Renderings - Second Revision_P
2021-02-24 Chestnut 24x36 Exhibits (1) Site Plan 2021 1 #1.jpg
Draft Terrace Renderings At Grade_Page_2
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