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   A Multi-Generational Community
of Townhomes, Flats and Lofts

A Brief History

In 2019, we met the City Planner of Carlsbad, who encouraged us to propose a multi-family project on the SWC of El Camino Real and Chestnut Avenue, now Site #3 of the Housing Element Plan.  

In 2020 and again in March 2021, we submitted preliminary applications for a multi-family community, with accessible ground floor units for disabled individuals or seniors, large open recreation spaces, together with smaller townhouses and flats.

The City responded with detailed letters to continue the process and we engaged professionals to address the issues of our neighbors and staff:

  • A Biologist created an on-site inspection report indicating there were no species of concern.

  • ASM Affiliates, the consultant for the El Camino Real widening advised us of Cultural and Paleontological issues. 

  • A new Topography Map was created to resolve Engineering issues, pertaining to Hillside development and slope changes in all directions.


  • We created a Storm Water Management plan, based on the 2021 changes in the State law.

  • Ingress and Egress was resolved by City staff requiring all sites to take access from the existing El Camino Real opening, only as a Right turn in and Right turn out

Our goal has always been to work with all our neighbors to develop a project suitable to the location to provide housing opportunities for Carlsbad families and seniors.

A multi-generational community where a grandparent could live in the same neighborhood as a family buying their first home would be the ideal accomplishment.

Today’s design represents what we believe is the best answer to that challenge:

Our project is expected to include 15% to 20% of the units that meet Moderate income levels of

affordability as stated in the Housing Element Plan.

Smaller townhouses will allow for lower Market prices by combining indoor living

spaces with cost-efficient private outdoor areas.  

Parking will be provided on-site per code for all occupants.

Moderately Affordable Housing has an annual income test of between

80% to 120% of the San Diego Area Median Income of $116,800. 


In 2023 that meant yearly income from $110,250 as adjusted for a family of four, our development is meant to appeal to households of four people earning up to $140,150 per year.  

The above is according to SD County information at  


We look forward to your thoughts as well, Thank You


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